IBDC 2014: Wanted: New Bike Concepts!

The International Bicycle Design Competition, the IBDC 2014, will take place for the 18th time. Students in all types of study programs in the field of design are welcome to take part. The competition is calling for innovative, visionary concepts that make cycling even more comfortable, safer, more challenging, more enjoyable or simply more popular. New manufacturing processes and materials or thought-provoking impulses for urban planners are also welcome. Taking part in this competition is free of charge. EUR 21,500 in prize monies will be distributed among the most outstanding entries.

Register by 15 October 2013 free of charge in my iF.

Professionals can also take part: > Register professional concepts


The iF DESIGN TALENTS is a daughter of the prestigious iF International Forum Design and has been created as a non profit organisation to promote young design talents. It is the organizer of one of the biggest international young designers competitions, the iF concept design award, and offers its organizing services also to clients.


Joan Wu

Joan Wu

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Kimberly Liu

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