Jury / Evaluation criteria

An international expert jury will discuss and evaluate all submitted entries in a dedicated, critical and constructive way. The Jurors will then select 22 award winners from all submissions. The jury will also decide on the most outstanding entries, which will additionally receive prize money. The total prize money is NT$830,000. We will let you know about the jury’s decisions as soon as possible.

The decision of the jury is legally binding and final.

The 10 evaluation criteria

Degree of innovation / creativity
Does the contribution represent a new idea? Does it improve on an existing idea and if to which degree?

Quality of design / marketing

Do the design, aesthetics and presentation of the entry stand out from the crowd?

Practical aspects / degree of elaboration

Is the contribution well thought through and is it useful? Did the designers analyze the needs of the target audience? Were these needs taken into account and does the product meet the audience‘s needs?


When implemented, does the contribution work as intended in the concept?


Is the product self-explanatory and easy to use? If applicable: is it compatible with other components or products?


Are the selected materials fit for purpose?
Can they be used for the real product?


Is the contribution environmentally friendly?
Does the product have a long life span?
Are the materials environmentally friendly?
Are recycled materials used or can the selected materials be recycled?

Social responsibility
Have humanist values or ethical standards been considered?
Does this product promote social justice?
Does it help those in need?

Universal design
Does the contribution meet a universal design standard? Is the product useful and attractive beyond its immediate target audience?


Are the designers aware of any potential safety risks in the use of the product?
How are these safety risks tackled or avoided?


Joan Wu

Joan Wu

Kimberly  Liu

Kimberly Liu