Participation in the IBDC 2014 students is free.

Registration deadline: 15 October 2013
Registrations to the IBDC are only offered online. You can register as a user on the iF website and enter your works in the competition for the IBDC 2014.

When you are in the login area, and have registered an account, please fill in one registration form for each entry you want to submit. After you have submitted your online registration, we will immediately send you a confirmation email. This email will contain an entry identification code (xxx-xxxxxx) for each entry submitted. The entry ID helps us to clearly identify and assign each entry. Please make sure that the relevant entry ID is contained in all communications with us.

Additional information on how to complete the registration form
  • Please use the index tab ‘address data’ of the registration form. Create a new address as ‘university/company address’ under ‘additional address’ to enter the full name and address of your current (or former) university/company.
  • If you have studied at more than one university, please enter the one where the project you submit has mainly been designed. Please also enter the full department name.

Additional information for team projects
  • Teams with up to four members can submit one or more entries together. You can only create one user account for the whole team.
  • All team members, including the applicant, have to be listed with their full names in the field ‘Responsible designers’. Unfortunately, it is not possible to register an additional team member at a later date. Should the field ‘Responsible designers’ not show an already existing address, click ‘change’ under the address and the field will show up.
  • All correspondence will be sent to the team member who created and owns the user account for the team. If your team project wins an award, all team members will, of course, receive an award.

        Register here until 15. October 2013.


Joan Wu

Joan Wu

Kimberly  Liu

Kimberly Liu