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Advertising in the iF yearbook 2014

The iF yearbook documents the best in current design and serves as an inspirational guidebook to explore the industry’s latest trends and developments. If you are an iF design award winner, your products will automatically be included in the yearbook. To double the impact, you can also book a classic advert to be shown on the back pages of the iF yearbook. Order here!

>>First-class reference tool and advertising medium<<

Showcasing design excellence

BEST CREATiFES is the ideal complement to the iF design yearbooks. It offers all iF award winning designers, companies and universities - the best creatives of the year - the opportunity to introduce themselves with an individual portrait. In addition to your portrait in the traditional print version, you will also be presented in the E-book edition. Register now!

iF design award yearbook 2014 open

BEST CREATiFES 2014 open

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Ramona Rockel

Ramona Rockel

Advertising in iF publications