Hannover, March 2, 2010

On the opening day of CeBIT the 50 winners of the coveted iF gold awards were an

Hanover, 2 March 2010

“Good design isn't born of marketing, it's created by designers". This was how the jury of the iF product design award 2010 summed things up. During the award ceremony on the opening day of CeBIT the 50 winners of the coveted iF gold awards were announced.

Over an exciting two days, an international expert jury met to choose the most outstanding examples of design. The jury members for the iF product design award 2010 chose their favourites from the 2,486 products submitted by the 1,016 entrants from 39 countries. 778 entries were awarded the renowned design seal of approval of the iF product design award.

Dynamics, speed, global appeal: these qualities have long been important when considering design and judging design quality. Rapid new developments have become commonplace and new ideas and the integration of innovative concepts are continually in demand. The ability to pause, to reflect – and allow yourself the freedom to dismiss concepts – seems to have been lost somehow. At least according to the impressions of this year's jury. The members of the jury for the iF product design award 2010 however did just that: they paused, reflected deeply and discussed a lot. The result was that they have uncovered some outstanding products whose designers and producers have taken the necessary time to put their ideas into practice properly. In previous years, two categories in particular have demonstrated boldness in commitment to good design: Medicine / Health+Care and Special Vehicles / Construction / Agriculture. And again, according to the jury, they produced persuasive products with beautiful design and function.

The members of the jury measured up and, in 16 categories, gave their professional opinion on the design quality of the entries for the iF product design award 2010. They also noted that even in these economically uncertain times, design still counts as a factor in the success of a product and in its ability to add value.

The iF product design award 2010 was judged over the following 16 categories:

01. Transportation Design
02. Leisure / Lifestyle
03. Audio / Video
04. Telecommunications
05. Computer
06. Office / Business
07. Lighting
08. Furniture / Home Textiles
09. Kitchen / Household
10. Bathroom / Wellness
11. Buildings
12. Public Design / Interior Design
13. Medicine / Health+Care
14. Industry / Skilled Trades
15. Special Vehicles / Construction / Agriculture
16. Advanced Studies.

The jury's criteria for judging were design quality, level of finish, choice of materials, degree of innovation, environmental friendliness, functionality, ergonomics, visualisation of intended use, safety, branding and brand value and aspects of universal design.

The Jury

Dedicated and looking forward to a lively discussion, the jury convened at the Hanover Exhibition Centre under the chairmanship of Fritz Frenkler (f/p design, Munich) to select the 778 winners of the iF product design award 2010: Klaus Bischoff (Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, Germany), Ulrike Brandi (ULRIKE BRANDI LICHT GmbH, Hamburg, Germany), Christoph Böninger (brains4design GmbH, Munich, Germany), Claudia de Bruyn (two GbR, Ratingen, Germany), Jan-Hendrik de Groote (Tupperware General Services NV, Aalst, Belgium), Jocelyn Deris (Jocelyn Deris, Paris, France), Hansgeorg Derks (Forster Küchen- & Kühltechnik AG, Dietlikon, Switzerland), Nedda El-Asmar (Nedda El-Asmar, Antwerp, Belgium), Hagen Fendler (VanBerlo GmbH Strategy + Design, Munich, Germany), Paul Flowers (GROHE AG, Düsseldorf, Germany), Gerald Kiska (Kiska GmbH, Anif, Salzburg, Austria), Stefan Kiss (Steelcase Werndl AG, Rosenheim, Germany), Sophie Lovell (Sophie Lovell, Berlin, Germany), Peter Mac Cann (nofixedabode | design, Dublin, Ireland), Eberhard Meurer (S. Siedle & Söhne Telefon- und Telegrafenwerke OHG, Furtwangen, Germany), Chiaki Murata (METAPHYS, Osaka, Japan), Gerhard Nüssler (Siemens-Electrogeräte GmbH, Munich, Germany), Cédric Ragot (cédric RAGOT DESIGN STUDIO – V1.0, Montreuil, France), Marie Rahm (Polka, Vienna, Austria), Claus Sagel (Vauth-Sagel Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Brakel-Erkeln, Germany), Stefan Schöning (stefan.schöning.studio, Antwerp, Belgium), Roger Swales (GRO Design, Eindhoven, Netherlands) and Peter Thonet (Thonet GmbH, Frankenberg, Germany)
Impressions from the Jury

"Good design is an important USP and is increasingly driving purchasing decisions, since successful design means that the product is authentic and special and that both quality and sustainability legitimise the investment made in it. Simultaneously, these properties create convenience and quality in everyday life."
(Fritz Frenkler)

"I found it really exciting dealing with the categories that I know really well, but it was just as exciting having a look at the categories that I haven't had so much to do with in my professional life. The discussions with my colleagues from the jury gave me a lot of inspiration in terms of design, and also highlighted the different ways of thinking that other design professionals have."
(Jan-Hendrik de Groote)

"This jury work demonstrates how important good design is. The iF jury emphasised this through their work. It’s necessary to separate things into those that have been well-designed and those that haven't: this is especially important in informing consumers’ purchasing decisions. Design is, and has been, an extremely important differentiating characteristic. It prevents our consumer world from being swamped. The work that iF does in this area is of great importance."
(Klaus Bischoff)

"Even though we jury members come from very different areas of design and from different countries, looking back I can say about the choice of the winners, and above all about the iF gold awards that we all share the same – maybe even global – vision of design, and that's fantastic!"
(Cédric Ragot)

>> The iF product design award yearbook 2010 was published on the day of the the award ceremony, 2 March 2010. All the winning entries can also be found in the iF online exhibition, accessed through the iF homepage at www.ifdesign.de

Deadline for registration for the iF product design award 2011 is 15 September 2010 (early bird registration until 15 August 2010).

The conditions of entry will be available from 3 March 2010 on the iF homepage at http://www.ifdesign.de.

iF product design award 2010: the 50 iF gold awards
(Categories are ordered according to the winners list on the press CD)

Entry: Volkswagen Polo | Passenger Car
Category: 01. Transportation Design
Company/manufacturer: Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg/GERMANY
Design: Volkswagen-Design, Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg/GERMANY

"An extremely successful, striking design for a small car. Both the interior and exterior of this car display a high level design clarity and functionality. Here again, great emphasis has been placed on the essential, and an outstanding combination of interior and exterior design has been implemented in this thorough further development of the series."

Entry: "eneloop” SSL-SBS / SSL-SBW | Portable Solar Module
Category: 02. Leisure / Lifestyle
Company/manufacturer: SANYO Electric Co. Ltd., Osaka/JAPAN
Design: Motohiro Sasada, SANYO Electric Co. Ltd., Advanced Design Centre, Hyogo/JAPAN

"This product is just great! Its lines are superb, it's just beautifully designed and is a 'must have': it says to the user ‘plug in the batteries, take me with you, and everything will be okay.’ The solar power unit is unbelievably simple and therefore is as functional as it is energy efficient and environmentally friendly."

Entry: Kool Knight Chain | Bicycle Chain
Category: 02. Leisure / Lifestyle
Company/manufacturer: KMC Chain Industrial Co Ltd., Tainan County/TAIWAN
Design: Ming Hsiao Hsieh, Steven Yang, Leo Kosasih, KMC Chain Industrial Co., Ltd., Tainan County/TAIWAN

“This is a minimalist product, namely a really good value for money bicycle chain. The idea of filling in the tops of the links means that dirt doesn't get into the chain. This is ingenious and it's literally a small design miracle – one on a really small scale."

Entry: Speedmax CF | Chassis Triathlon / Time Trial
Category: 02. Leisure / Lifestyle
Company/manufacturer: Canyon Bicycles GmbH, Koblenz/GERMANY
Design: Lutz Scheffer, Canyon Bicycles GmbH, Koblenz/GERMANY

"There's a dynamic that's apparent as soon as you look at the frame: the Speedmax CF not only uses the best possible choice of materials from the available carbon fibre composites and a semi-integrated construction process, but also, as a design object, it's a real treat for the eyes, fully deserving of an iF gold award!"

Entry: Cortex DH MIPS | Helmet
Category: 02. Leisure / Lifestyle
Company/manufacturer: POC Sweden AB, Saltsjöbaden/SWEDEN
Design: POC Design Team, POC Sweden AB, Saltsjöbaden/SWEDEN

"This helmet has very good technical characteristics and is also extremely light. The ventilation is excellent, and there's a special system to help prevent twisting of the head and neck during an accident. All the details are perfect: the surface finish, the lines, the graphics – this helmet has so many things that make it stand out from the crowd, that make it a prizewinner."

Entry: Purity – Lightweight Down Jacket
Category: 02. Leisure / Lifestyle
Company/manufacturer: Yeti GmbH, Görlitz/GERMANY
Design: Yeti Design Team, Yeti GmbH, Görlitz/GERMANY

"This jacket really wins you over through its unbelievable lightness, achieved through its unique choice of materials: it weighs no more than a couple of bread rolls! For both adults and children who move about a lot, Purity offers comfort as well as warmth and unrestricted movement, meaning you can really enjoy the time you spend outdoors."

Entry: GP 1 Biokork | Ergonomic Bicycle Grip
Category: 02. Leisure / Lifestyle
Company/Manufacturer: RTI Sports GmbH, Urmitz/GERMANY
Design: Ergon Werksdesign, RTI Sports GmbH, Urmitz/GERMANY

"Eco-friendly, but at the same time design oriented: the GP 1 ergonomic cork handlebar grip brings together both these qualities. Not only is the raw material sourced from certified organic sources, the other components, like the retaining clamps, are fully recyclable. You can tell just by looking at it, that the grip will feel great in the hand and will be comfortable."

Entry: Aero 2 | Racing Bike, Triathlon
Category: 02. Leisure/Lifestyle
Company/Manufacturer: Storck Bicycle GmbH, Idstein/GERMANY
Design: Marcus Storck, Mario Kuban, Guido Herrmann, Storck Bicycle GmbH, Idstein/Germany |SEED, Gundelfingen/Freiburg/GERMANY

"This product utilises a technical innovation and simultaneously displays a beautiful aesthetic form. Basically, the front fork is integrated flush with the mainframe, and all cabling is routed internally. All the details are beautifully sculpted. The frame is relatively light, but nonetheless conveys a feeling of safety, of stability – something that is needed in this semi-professional sphere."

Entry: Batavus BUB | Bicycle
Category: 02. Leisure / Lifestyle
Company/manufacturer: Batavus BV, Heerenveen/NETHERLANDS
Design: Adrianus van Berlo, Batavus BV, Heerenveen/NETHERLANDS

“A city bike with a fresh outlook: for trend-conscious city dwellers, the Batavus BUB is exactly the right bike. The free choice you have with the individual components lends a splash of color to this bike. On top of that, the wheels run silent and stable, giving the ride a real sense of safety. The design is based on the principle of the office paperclip, and distinguishes itself through its finish and form."

Entry: Reference Floor Panel
Category: 03. Audio / Video
Company/manufacturer: Loewe AG, Kronach/GERMANY
Design: Loewe Design, Kronach/GERMANY

"This product really comes through with its wonderful, fantastically elegant design. The way that the various materials stunningly flow together – really, the whole experience, the harmony throughout the whole product line merited and iF gold award."

Entry: Reference Sound Standspeaker
Category: 03. Audio / Video
Company/manufacturer: Loewe AG, Kronach/GERMANY
Design: Phoenix Design GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart/GERMANY

"Once again, a Loewe product has earned itself an iF gold award. Taken on their own, these extremely thin, floor-standing loudspeakers are a total design highlight. In conjunction with the other equipment in the range, they create a really strong impression, one that is unique in the audiovisual market."

Entry: Reference 52 | LCD TV
Category: 03. Audio / Video
Company/manufacturer: Loewe AG, Kronach/GERMANY
Design: Loewe Design, Kronach/GERMANY | Phoenix Design GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart/GERMANY

"Here the quality of the materials is in perfect accord with the quality of the design. Minimalist, sleek, and as unusual as they are innovative, Loewe has managed, yet again, to surprise and to reinvent itself anew. The whole formal language stays true to the line, and fits in perfectly as a part of the bigger product portfolio."

Entry: Cyber Shot DSC-TX1 | Digital Camera
Category: 03. Audio / Video
Company/manufacturer: Sony Corporation, Tokyo/JAPAN
Design: Yujin Morisawa, Sony Corporation, Tokyo/JAPAN

"This camera is extremely thin and delivers to the user not only pure photo-taking enjoyment with its minimally designed exterior, but also – thanks to the wide range of available colors – it is like a little piece of jewellery that you can wear and have fun with."

Entry: BRAVIA ZX1 Series | LCD Flatscreen HDTV
Category: 03. Audio / Video
Company/manufacturer: Sony Corporation, Tokyo/JAPAN
Design: Yuki Kubota, Sony Corporation, Tokyo/JAPAN

“This flat-screen TV really does justice to its name. It is not only amazingly light, but it’s design is as minimalist as possible. Along with the sleek housing, the rear panel is a delight with all its cables and connectors hidden tidily away."

Entry: iPod shuffle® | Digital Music Player
Category: 03. Audio / Video
Company/manufacturer: Apple, Inc., Cupertino/USA
Design: Apple Industrial Design Team, Apple, Inc., Cupertino/USA

“Since its first generation, Apple's MP3 player has been the most beautiful way of carrying your music around with you. The iPod shuffle®, a further development of the influential Apple product series, is no exception: the integration of the touch-sensitive remote control into the earphone cable and the minimalist form of the device puts the product firmly in the category of design icons of the Apple product line."

Entry: Elderly phone (cp 10) | Mobile Phone
Category: 04. Telecommunications
Company/manufacturer: Newplan Design Co., Ltd., Shenzhen/CHINA
Design: Newplan Design Team, Newplan Design Co., Ltd., Shenzhen/CHINA

"There’s a clear need for products like this, targeted at the older generation, and this one succeeds brilliantly: the Elderly phone is sleek and the design is simply 'right'. Good design, simple operation, high functionality and clear operation at every level. It's designed exactly how it should be, and, on top of that, it produces minimal radiation."

Entry: Vodafone 135 Stevie | Mobile Phone
Category: 04. Telecommunications
Company/Manufacturer: Vodafone Group Services GmbH, Group Marketing, Düsseldorf/GERMANY
Design: Daniel Schubert, Lieke Ypma, Mirko Kiesel, Vodafone Industrial Design Group, Düsseldorf/GERMANY | Niklas Galler, Rudi Moosmeier, nr21 Design GmbH, Berlin/GERMANY

"This cell phone is the cheapest in the world, but it's still very sleek, with clear lines and just so cleanly designed. The combination of the exterior design quality and the technology inside, as well as the objective to be very affordable, creates the particular charm of this product. Additionally, its role as a commodity item is what makes it so captivating."

Entry: QCM-330 | Smartphone
Category: 04. Telecommunications
Companiy/Manufacturer: Qisda Corporation, Taipei/TAIWAN
Design: Qisda Corporation, Taipei/TAIWAN

“This is almost like a digital, mobile home-from-home. The flat, rectangular LCD screen really catches your attention, especially in contrast with the somewhat rounded back and the rounded corners of the bezel. Here, form and function meet in perfect harmony: the QC M-330 feels good in the hand and is really fun to use."

Entry: ASUS Chiclet | Laptop Keyboard
Category: 05. Computers
Company/manufacturer: ASUSTek Computer Inc., Taipei/TAIWAN
Design: ASUSTek Computer Inc., Taipei/TAIWAN

"The clear layout of the keys, a slight curvature for the fingertips and a larger font: what more could you want? This laptop keyboard from ASUS increases the user's comfort without compromising design quality. An iF gold award, no question about it."

Entry: Dell Adamo XPS | Consumer Notebook
Category: 05. Computers
Company/manufacturer: Dell Inc., Experience Design Group, Round Rock, Texas/USA
Design: Experience Design Group, Dell Inc., Round Rock, Texas/USA | NewEdge + The Brewery, Richmond/UNITED KINGDOM

“This extremely slim notebook won over the jury with the special way it handled the keyboard: it almost looks as though the keyboard is going to sink into the case and disappear. No other device on the market has such a slim and thoroughly well thought out appearance. Also impressive was the absolutely perfect technical specification and material choice."

Entry: Domino Inflate | USB Memory
Category: 05. Computers
Company/manufacturer: Iriver Ltd., Seoul/SOUTH KOREA
Design: Yeong Kyu Yoo, Soo Jin Choi, Se Min Jun, iriver Ltd., Seoul/SOUTH KOREA

"A small, smart companion for daily data transfer: in contrast to other USB sticks, the Domino Inflate has a high recognition factor, and it feels fantastic to the touch. Additionally, a 20% reduction in rejects saves both energy and resources."

Entry: Iriver story | E-Book Reader
Category: 05. Computers
Company/manufacturer: Iriver Ltd., Seoul/SOUTH KOREA
Design: Yeong Kyu Yoo, Min Jung Kim, Se Min Jun, Min Chul Kim, iriver Ltd., Seoul/SOUTH KOREA | Hye Mi Song, VINYL Inc., Seoul/SOUTH KOREA

“This e-book reader represents a beautiful synthesis of a traditional book with dust jacket and a rubber band holding it together and the fantastic inside which has a wonderful feel to the touch. It removes every prejudice that you could possibly have against e-books, and invites the reader on a journey through the world of literature."

Entry: 13-inch MacBook Pro | Laptop Computer
Category: 05. Computers
Company/manufacturer: Apple, Inc., Cupertino/USA
Design: Apple Industrial Design Team, Apple, Inc., Cupertino/USA

"Apple's MacBook Pro received its iF gold award due to the outstanding design quality and standard of finish – and because it sets the standard for the whole field. It provides the consumer with a solution, not with a technological device. Thanks to the technology employed – the body is milled from a single billet of aluminium – fewer supplementary elements are needed: an entirely new concept!"

Entry: Apple LED Cinema Display | LED Monitor
Category: 05. Computers
Company/manufacturer: Apple, Inc., Cupertino/USA
Design: Apple Industrial Design Team, Apple, Inc., Cupertino/USA

“This is an evolutionary development of the range, with a fantastic standard of finish, wonderful touch and feel, superb quality and a simply timeless appearance. With its clarity of form it stands head and shoulders above other products in this field, and rightly deserves an iF gold award."

Entry: TANDBERG Precision HD | USB Camera
Category: 05. Computers
Company/manufacturer: TANDBERG, Lysaker/NORWAY
Design: Hallgrim Sagen, Knut Helge Teppan, TANDBERG design department, Lysaker/NORWAY | Thomas Noreng, Bjørn Saunes, Designit, Oslo/NORWAY

“A USB camera that, unlike other cameras, doesn't hang like some foreign body over the monitor but rather fits right in, thanks to its clear and restrained design. On top of that, the camera can be pivoted and possesses such technical niceties as a real glass lens and a broad-spectrum microphone, and furthermore needs no installation software. An exceptionally successful design accessory from the world of computing!"

Entry: slim office | Office Table and Accessories
Category: 06. Office / Business
Company/manufacturer: arco contemporary furniture, Winterwijk/NETHERLANDS
Design: Bertjan Pot, bertjan pot, Schiedam/NETHERLANDS

"It's the heart of this office table that really appeals: thanks to the steel sandwich construction, with a clever use of components and its intelligent construction, accessories such as racks and wastebaskets can be magnetically attached to the table. A simple, sleek piece of furniture with pazzaz!"

Entry: L8663 | Wall Luminaires
Category: 07. Lighting
Company/manufacturer: BEGA, Menden/GERMANY
Design: BEGA Product Design, Menden/GERMANY

“The sleekness and the fantastic use of materials of this product win you over immediately. Both the material and the light convey great emotion. The glass is of the finest quality and fitting and changing the lamps is simplicity itself. Every detail displays a high quality of finish. Further interesting options are possible thanks to the fact that the lights can be joined together in series. Wonderfully deserving of an iF gold award!"

Entry: Elica | LED Table Lamp
Category: 07. Lighting
Company/manufacturer: Martinelli Luce S.p.A., Lucca/ITALY
Design: Brian Sironi, Brian Sironi, Seregno (MI)/ITALY

"This conical LED lamp is pure form and light! As soon as you see it, you’ll want one on your desk. And not only the form, but the function is something special, as well: the arm of the desk lamp also functions as the on and off switch. A neat trick that makes this piece fun to use."

Entry: LIM | Multi-Task LED Lamp
Category: 07. Lighting
Company/manufacturer: Haworth, Inc., Holland/USA
Design: Ralph Reddig, Haworth Design Studio, Haworth, Inc., Holland/USA | Pablo Pardo, Pablo Designs, San Francisco/USA

“This lamp is extremely thin and flat and has an exceptionally pure form thanks to its contemporary, even youthful, 'easy-going' design. The quality of the materials used is extremely good, and it's a convincing implementation of LED light technology.”

Entry: 404 H | Bar Stool
Category: 08. Furniture / Home Textiles
Company/manufacturer: Thonet GmbH, Frankenberg/GERMANY
Design: Stefan Diez, Stefan Diez Industrial Design, Munich/GERMANY

“Excellent design always grabs you with its honesty and perfect proportions. All the qualities of good design that you could want are fulfilled with gusto in this bar stool. Another design highlight from the house of Thonet that is due to the company’s fantastic brand development work."

Entry: K2 Kitchen Knife | Small Kitchen Knife
Category: 09. Kitchen / Household
Company/manufacturer: Windmühlenmesser-Manufactur Robert Herder GmbH & Co. KG, Solingen/GERMANY
Design: Giselheid Herder-Scholz, Windmühlenmesser-Manufactur Robert Herder GmbH & Co. KG, Solingen/GERMANY

“This knife delights with its wonderful form, where the proportions of the handle and the blade are balanced perfectly, one with the other. It feels really good in the hand, and the comfortable, ergonomic handle makes you want to grab hold of it and get cutting straight away. The K2 can be used for a multiplicity of purposes and displays a fantastic use of materials. A small, extremely successful product with the 'must-have' factor!"

Entry: Siemens ET885DC11D | Hob with 'diskControl'
Category: 09. Kitchen / Household
Company/manufacturer: Siemens Electrogeräte GmbH, Munich/GERMANY
Design: Gerd E. Wilsdorf, Andreas Hackbarth, Siemens Electrogeräte GmbH, Munich/GERMANY

“If there is a new era of cooking it’s going to start now with this hob! Its cooking rings are controlled by a small disk that can be accessed both from the upper surface of the hob and from its fascia plate. A simple turn of the wrist, and the user can take out the flush-fitting control disc for cleaning. An unbelievable innovation, well deserving of an iF gold award!"

Entry: Siemens EH885DB12E, ‘studioLine’ | ‘discControl’ Induction Hob
Category: 09. Kitchen / Household
Company/manufacturer: Siemens Electrogeräte GmbH, Munich/GERMANY
Design: Gerd E. Wilsdorf, Andreas Hackbarth, Siemens Electrogeräte GmbH, Munich/GERMANY

“This is a lovely solution to the design of control elements for ceramic and induction hobs. A brand-new interpretation of control elements that doesn't trap dirt and food spillage. A solution that is as beautiful as it is functional."

Entry: Dyson Air Multiplier™ | Electric Fan
Category: 09. Kitchen / Household
Company/manufacturer: Dyson GmbH, Cologne/GERMANY
Design: James Dyson, Dyson Ltd., Malmesbury, Wiltshire/UNITED KINGDOM

“This product contains a real technical innovation, very typical of Dyson, stemming as it does from aero-technology. This enabled the development of a product that redefines its own market sector: something that doesn't happen very often. This new technology has been implemented perfectly – both visually and semantically – and there's a real quality in the finish and in the clear and simple design. Overall it is simply outstanding."

Entry: Hackman Rotisser | Pan and Cooking Range
Category: 09. Kitchen / Household
Company/manufacturer: Iittala Group Oy Ab, Hackman Brand, Helsinki/FINLAND
Design: Arni Aromaa, Sauli Suomela, Pentagon Design Ltd., Helsinki/FINLAND

“You simply can't do without good material quality in the kitchen. The handles of this range of cooking pans are forged from stainless steel and blend wonderfully and harmonically with the overall form. Anodized aluminum and a chemical-free manufacturing process are further plus points."

Entry: UKIHASHI | Chopsticks
Category: 09. Kitchen / Household
Company/manufacturer: h concept, Tokyo/JAPAN
Design: Mikiya Kobayashi, MIKIYA KOBAYASHI DESIGN, Tokyo/JAPAN

"A product from Japan for Japanophiles the world over: the raised points of these chopsticks means that you can simply place them on the table without the need for a chopsticks stand. They are the ultimate expression of the fulfilment of both formal aesthetic and cultural requirements. Design as simple as it is wonderful."

Entry: Inipi | Sauna
Category: 10. Bathroom / Wellness
Company/manufacturer: Duravit AG, Hornberg/GERMANY
Design: Martin Bergmann, Harald Gründl, Gernot Bohmann, EOOS Design GmbH, Vienna/AUSTRIA

“This sauna is really innovative, and in so small a space. It's produced via a modular construction method, and the whole thing can be connected to the shower unit, so you get a complete wellness solution, whose exterior finish allows it to be harmonised with the room decor. And of course ¬– it goes without saying – it is beautifully designed."

Entry: iTHERM | Glass Heater
Category: 10. Bathroom / Wellness
Company/manufacturer: INGLAS GmbH & Co. KG, Friedrichshafen/GERMANY
Design: Fritz Frenkler, f/p design GmbH, Munich/GERMANY

“This glass heater is an extremely minimalist product, concentrating entirely on its function. Through the interplay of the minimalistic basic form and the contrast between metal and glass, it develops an individual, restrained character that never intrudes upon the living space. An absolutely minimalist appliance that sets a benchmark for universal design.”

Entry: PURE | Sauna
Category: 10. Bathroom / Wellness
Company/manufacturer: KLAFS GmbH & Co. KG, Schwäbisch Hall/GERMANY
Design: Martin Schultheiss, Henssler & Schultheiss Fullservice Productdesign GmbH, Schwäbisch Gmünd/GERMANY

“With this product, the typology of the sauna has been reinvented. Formally, it's extremely clear and reduced to its essential elements. Particularly engaging are other details, like the anatomically sculpted plywood headrests and the indirect lighting. Everything about this sauna is of the most extraordinarily high formal quality."

Entry: flow-Star 125 | Wall Conduct
Category: 11. Buildings
Company/manufacturer: Naber GmbH, Nordhorn/GERMANY
Design: Hans-Joachim Naber, Prof. Dr. Wolf-Christoph Friebel, Naber GmbH, Nordhorn/GERMANY

“This is the first wall conduct whose blower door surpasses values laid down in the new energy-saving regulations. It regulates the exchange of warm and cool air in the kitchen. It simultaneously uses the air pressure generated by the extractor fan for opening and closing the system. A true innovation."

Entry: Theatrum | Seat for Children and Teens
Category: 12. Public Design / Interior Design
Company/manufacturer: Runge GmbH & Co. KG, Osnabrück/GERMANY
Design: Runge Design Team, Runge GmbH & Co. KG, Osnabrück/GERMANY

“Children and teens want to appear 'cool' – and want everyone to know it. This seat, which rather represents an invitation to sit down, has a casual feel and manages to combine public design and the intuitive use of unconventional seating opportunities. A great idea, beautifully implemented in its form."

Entry: HANGANG Park Sign | Systems for Public Spaces
Category: 12. Public Design / Interior Design
Company/manufacturer: LG Hausys, Seoul/SOUTH KOREA
Design: In Chul Ryu, Mi Ran Seo, Ho Jin Cheon, Min Seok Kwak, mecca design group, Seoul/SOUTH KOREA

“This project is outstanding, because it individually and originally meets local needs. It has a very peaceful design language, it fulfils the various information needs in different cities and situations, fits in well with the Korean culture and visually provides a rather restrained direction in the design of street furniture. This is rare and absolutely praiseworthy."

Entry: Krabat Sheriff | Wheelchair for Children
Category: 13. Medicine / Health+Care
Company/manufacturer: Krabat, Hvalstad/NORWAY
Design: Einar J. Hareide, Anna Øren, Andreas L. Sørensen, Hareide Designmill, Moss/NORWAY

“With with this wheelchair, children who need one will find it a very manageable solution for furthering their mobility. The inward-sloping wheels – derived from developments in wheelchair sport – make forward movement extremely easy. The wheelchair suggests an active and sporty character with its pared-down design that suits the product to a tee.”

Entry: HF Connector Series | HF Connector Series
Category: 13. Medicine / Health+Care
Company/manufacturer: BOWA-electronic GmbH & Co. KG, Gomaringen/GERMANY
Design: Fred Held, Antje Siebert, Thilo Hogrebe, Held + Team, Hamburg/GERMANY

“The design of connectors seems to have been completely overlooked in the health care sector. This connector series is brilliantly designed, both from an ergonomic as well as a medical point of view: through the shape of the connector and its colour coding medical personnel – who are often working under enormous time pressures – know exactly where the connectors must be plugged in, and whether they are fully engaged. The design of the handgrip is derived from work-tool design, and makes their use as comfortable as it is safe."

Entry: Flex Focus | Ultrasound Scanner
Category: 13. Medicine / Health+Care
Company/manufacturer: BK Medical, Herlev/DENMARK
Design: Anders Smith, anders smith design, Hellerup/DENMARK | Ole Christian Jensen, BK Medical, Herlev/DENMARK

“This ultrasound device is extremely compact with a great interface layout. Basically, the entire device is nothing but a user interface, namely a control panel, which is a single piece covered with silicon, and a large flat LCD screen, in portrait orientation to make the unit smaller. In the field of medical equipment, this product is simply brilliantly designed.“

Entry: Universal Trolley | Stretcher
Category: 13. Medicine / Health+Care
Company/manufacturer: Tautmann, Gölbasi Ankara/TURKEY
Design: Stefan Lippert, Özkan Isik, ipdd GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart/GERMANY

“This stretcher is an excellent example of how well thought-through design can have an effect on the use of an object in practice. In the field of patient transport, safety and comfort play a great role – and both of these areas have been brilliantly implemented here.”

Entry: Wiha Magazine Bit Holder | Magazine Bit Holder
Category: 14. Industry / Skilled Trades
Company/manufacturer: Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH, Schonach/GERMANY
Design: Ernst von Lehmann, Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH, Schonach/GERMANY

“This product meets a need exactly, being extremely user-friendly as well as perfectly and elegantly designed: anyone who's ever had to scramble around looking for a drill bit knows how frustrating it can be. With this flip-top bit holder, irritating work interruptions are a thing of the past!"

Entry: PSC 400 | Cordless Pendulum Jigsaw
Category: 14. Industry / Skilled Trades
Company/manufacturer: FESTOOL GmbH, Wendlingen/GERMANY
Design: Roland Schirrmacher, Fred Kern, STUDIOWERK DESIGN, Inning/GERMANY

“Good things can always be improved upon, and with his battery-pack jigsaw – already some 30% lighter than comparable machines – we have a fantastic example of outstanding industrial design at the highest level. Form, function, innovation, ease of use: all these are perfectly implemented and rightly deserve an iF gold award!”

Entry: Crown ESR 5000 Series | Reach Truck
Category: 15. Special Vehicles / Construction / Agriculture
Company/manufacturer: Crown Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG, Munich/GERMANY
Design: Christoph Babel, Jim Kraimer, Craig Rekow, Adam Ruppert, Crown Equipment Corp., New Bremen, Ohio/USA | Robert Henshaw Mark Londborg, Formation Design Group, Atlanta, Georgia/USA

“Crown has fused its design language with technology and ergonomics to such an extent that a perfect whole has resulted. Every detail is subservient to function and ergonomics, meaning that Crown products have a longevity and an excellent service record over many years that is absolutely deserving of praise. This product also has an outstanding design quality, and again puts Crown head and shoulders above its competition.”

Entry: HD+ | Tandem Roller
Category: 15. Special Vehicles / Construction / Agriculture
Company/manufacturer: HAMM AG, Tirschenreuth/GERMANY
Design: Ulrich Ewringmann, Boris Eickhoff, Dialogform GmbH, Taufkirchen/GERMANY | Hans Peter Ackermann, Franz Meixner, HAMM AG, Tirschenreuth/GERMANY

“What's really great about this product is the functionality and the way in which the individual elements are brought together. It's great to see a product that has been implemented in such detailed development steps. This is absolutely necessary for a product like this in order to achieve good results. This product communicates its role without compromise. It's fantastic to sit in this driver's cab that affords such good visibility."

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iF communication design award 2010
Deadline for registrations: 30 April 2010
Jury session: 18 & 19 May 2010
Award ceremony: 3 September 2010, BMW Welt, Munich

>> Online registration at: www.ifdesign.de

iF product design award 2011
Deadline for registrations: 15 September 2010
Jury session: November 2010
Awards ceremony: 1 March 2011, Hanover Exhibition Centre

>> Online registration at: www.ifdesign.de


iF material award 2010
Judging for the iF material award 2010 will take place on 4 March at CeBIT. 90 entries will be presented to the jury this year. The award winners will be exhibited from 19 to 23 April 2010 in the 'material trends' exhibition at the Hanover Exhibition Centre. The awards ceremony including the announcement of the winners of the 5 iF gold awards will take place on 20 April at 2pm.


iF product design award 2010
Entry to the exhibition at the Hanover Exhibition Centre is possible free of charge during regular opening hours of all trade fairs. The exhibition is expected to close in August 2010.

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