You can register online for this competition in my iF. The link to my iF is located on all our websites in the upper right hand corner under the my iF dice and here:

Area for award participants my iF

Registration and Confirmation

In "detail data" you will find the text fields of the registration form. We need a short description of the product, its function and design in English (max. 650 characters, including punctuation). The jury will use this description to help arrive at their decision.

If you receive an award, this description will be presented to you again as a basis for the representation in the documentation of the COMPUTEX d&i awards 2013 and in the iF online exhibition.

Use the registration form to upload 2 photos for each competition entry in the following format in "image data":

File format: JPEG (.jpg)
Image size: max. 5MB
Color format: CMYK or RGB

The images are a necessary part of the registration. Please have these images ready and available before you open the registration form.

In order to provide the same conditions of participation for everyone, each participant in the COMPUTEX d&i awards can submit two photos only.
After we have received your registration including two photos of your product ...

1. We will send you an email confirming that we have received your registration and photos. This email will also contain an entry-ID: 266-xxxxxx for your entry.

The entry-ID is composed of the competition-ID and a six-digit number that identifies your entry and allocates it to your personal data. It is very important that you use this entry-ID for all communication, shipping, product and packaging labels since we will otherwise not be able to identify the entry.

2. You will receive an invoice for the participation fees. This is payable via bank transfer (see bank details under "Dates and fees"). Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash- or credit card payments.

Please note that the invoice address cannot be changed once it has been registered.

Please check whether your registration is complete and contains all the necessary data.


After we have received your registration including two photos of your product ... open


Tobie Lee

Tobie Lee

Kimberly  Liu

Kimberly Liu