Presenting iF award-winning design: come and visit our exhibitions!

Naturally, we also want to show you the winners of the annual iF design awards –in different exhibitions, at different locations –around the world.
And it’s no exaggeration to say that there i’s a lot to see, the range of exhibits is impressive: outstanding product, communication and packaging design from around the globe - –from yacht to shop design, from website to Christmas cards. The exhibitions reflect international design trends, look at things from new angles and, in addition to featuring what is already available, focus on what we might see in the future of design.

This is the place to be for anyone interested in design:

iF design exhibition Hamburg

Permanent exhibition of the iF design awards 2014
Part III (9 October to 15 February 2015)
Elbarkaden / HafenCity, Hamburg

iF design exhibition Shenzhen

Exhibition of the iF design awards 2013 / 2014
from 30 May until end of November 2014
in the Shenzhen Industrial Museum (Shenzhen / China)

Review: Exhibitions 2013 / 2014

iF goes DESIGN KOREA 2014 open

iF design exhibition Shenzhen | Efficient Water Design open

iF goes DESIGN KOREA 2013 open

iF design exhibition Shenzhen | Special Bike Exhibition open

Podcast: Eröffnung iF design exhibition Hamburg