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Taking a closer look: video podcasts ‘iF closeup’

In our iF closeup video podcasts we regularly take a closer look at selected iF themes, which we then present as highly informative and entertaining video podcasts. We deliver answers to the questions you always wanted to ask, we present latest news and current projects, we invite you to take a look behind the scenes, we take you on a journey to our international offices, we provide interview portraits of interesting personalities, we deliver background information and report on events such as the iF jury sessions and the iF design awards night.

List of published podcasts:



Awards ceremony iF DESIGN AWARD 2015


Jury iF DESIGN AWARD 2015 open

Ausstellungseröffnung_iF design awards 2014_Teil II_Vorschaubild 1Ausstellungseröffnung_iF design awards 2014_Teil II_Vorschaubild 2Ausstellungseröffnung_iF design awards 2014_Teil II_Vorschaubild 3

Awards ceremony iF concept design award 2014 open


Jury iF concept design award 2014 open

concept jury 2014concept jury 2014concept jury 2014

Exhibition opening iF design awards 2014 open

Exhibition OpeningExhibition OpeningExhibition Opening

iF design awards night 2014 open


Jury iF design awards 2014 open


Opening ceremony: iF design exhibition Hamburg 2013 open


Awards ceremony of the iF concept design award 2013 open

concept 2013 ceremony 1concept 2013 ceremony 2concept 2013 ceremony 3

iF closeup - Jury of the iF concept design award 2013 open

concept jury 2013-1concept jury 2013-2concept jury 2013-3

iF closeup - Jury Hansgrohe Prize 2013 Efficient Water Design: My Open Shower Space open

HG Podcast 2013_1HG Podcast 2013_2HG Podcast 2013_3

iF closeup - iF design awards night 2013 open

awards night 2013_1awards night 2013_2awards night 2013_3

iF closeup - iF design awards 2013 jury open

1_ Jury 20132_ Jury 20133_ jury 2013

iF closeup - iF presents the iF Branch and Representative Offices worldwide open


iF closeup - OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2012


iF closeup - Awards ceremony of the iF concept design award 2012 open

ceremony_concept_award 1ceremony_concept_award 2ceremony_concept_award 3

iF closeup - Jury of the iF concept design award 2012 open

concept_award_Jury 1concept_award_Jury 2concept_award_Jury 3

iF closeup - iF design awards night 2012 open

design_award_bmw_world 1design_award_bmw_world 2design_award_bmw_world 3

iF closeup - Interview with Andy Payne, Interbrand open

Interview_andy_payne 1Interview_andy_payne 2Interview_andy_payne 1

iF closeup - Advice for Students open

advice for students 1advice for students 2advice for students 3

iF closeup - What is Good Design? open

what_is_good_design 1what_is_good_design 2what_is_good_design 3

iF closeup - iF design awards 2012 Jury open

jury_design_awards 1jury_design_awards 2jury_design_awards 3


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